Founded in 1985, GEC has been building award-winning commercial solar systems for Illinois businesses and institutions since 2003. We take a comprehensive approach to energy management and recommend solar for those organizations that can take advantage of the significant benefits of a commercial solar system.

Reduce your operational expenses

Solar protects your organization from ever-increasing utility bills by drastically reducing or eveeliminating your electricity bill. 

Position your organization for the long-term

Solar provides resiliency in the event of grid outages, especially when combined with energy storage.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Increasingly, businesses must be able to show their customers and stakeholders their commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Solar is a proven strategy that contributes to ESG efforts.

Ready, Set, Go Solar.

GEC offers a simple but comprehensive process for taking your business solar:

Analyze Power Usage – We work with you to determine your power needs based on current and future consumption. This includes an analysis of major energy-using equipment and a walk-through of any high-use facilities such as manufacturing and distribution.
Perform Feasibility Analysis – We will take you through an in-depth look at the potential benefits of solar for your organization and the process for transitioning to solar power.
Provide Financing Options – We will provide all the details you need to evaluate options for financing your system, including utility rebates and other incentives, such as Illinois SRECs, as well as depreciation and the federal Investment Tax Credit. 
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Design and Install System – We will design a system to maximize your electricity offset and savings and manage an efficient, streamlined installation process using NABCEP-certified installers and designers.
Monitor and Maintain Your System – We will remotely monitor your system to ensure its optimal performance, and conduct regular maintenance of the system to ensure the system generates clean electricity for the next 25 years, or more.