General energy corporation (GEC) is focused on the development of renewable energy projects in USA. This is culmination of more than last five years of effort to develop expertise and experience, team, and understanding of renewable energy markets in USA and globally to ensure initial pipe line of projects. GEC’s primary focus is on wind sector but will also explore the potential to develop other renewable energy projects if opportunity arises.
 GEC is presently working on development of three wind farms that are in various stages of development. These projects are located in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin and Nebraska. GEC’s project development and management process includes the following:

Environmental Assessment


Power Purchase Agreement

Site Selection

Wind Assessment

Zoning/FAA Approval

Interconnection Agreement



General Energy Corp. works with the clients to meet their objective for solar power generation in an efficient and cost effective manner. We try our best to maximize benefits to our clients and ensure success.

Assessment, Engineering, and Construction

We will analyze your electricbills perform site surveys to establish need and capabilities of onsite production of solar power. We would design, engineer, and construct the photovoltaic system using state-of-the-art technologies and controls to optimize solar power generation. We would manage the project to ensure trouble free installation and subsequent operation.

Commissioning and Operation

We will test and commission the system and establish base line use and savings. We will energize your system and produce clean power. We will also assist you in renewable power certification.

Monitor and Maintenance

We will remotely monitor the system to ensure optimal operation and maximum power generation and will use NABCEP certified technicians for maintenance and corrective action.

Feasibility Assessment

The will require a site visit, review of existing systems and energy use data, possible location, size and usage of a Solar Thermal System.

Grant Application

Perform preliminary engineering; determine the size, location, usage and performance of the proposed system. Perform costs and savings analysis, and submit application for state grant.


This task includes detailed engineering and construction documents, permits, installation, testing and start-up of the system.

Monitoring & Maintenance

This will include monitoring the system operation and performance and perform maintenance.