Solar for Illinois Homeowners

Going solar has never been simpler or more affordable. The price of solar energy has dramatically decreased over the last several years, and is even more attractive with utility rebates and tax incentives.

The benefits of solar are far-reaching, including reducing or even eliminating your electricity bill, ensuring cleaner air in your community and, with the addition of energy storage, more independence from the electric grid.

Industry-Leading Solar Solutions

GEC is a proud partner of SunPower, the technology leader in home solar. SunPower has been pushing the boundaries of solar engineering for more than 30 years, consistently delivering home solar solutions that are more robust, reliable and efficient.

Up to 60% More Energy

over 25 years*

#1 in Durability

for peace of mind


industry-leading complete system warranty

The Simplest Home Solar Solution. Ever.

SunPower® Equinox® is a fully integrated home solar solution that makes going solar easier than ever before.

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Find out how much you can save with home solar from GEC:

* SunPower 415 W, 22.3% efficient, compared to a Conventional Panel on same-sized arrays (260 W, 16% efficient, approx. 1.6 m²), 7.9% more energy per watt (based on PVSyst pan files for avg. US climate), 0.5%/yr slower degradation rate (Jordan, et. al.  “Robust PV Degradation Methodology and Application.” PVSC 2018