Affordable solutions including analysis, assessments, implementation, and monitoring

Experience & Expertise

General Energy has played a leadership role in the field of Energy Management and Energy efficiency services since its inception in 1985. Over the last 33+ years, we have helped customers save energy at many facilities both large and small in a wide variety of verticals including commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Education, Municipal, Hospitality, Healthcare and many industrial facilities. Our services have ranged from preliminary energy audits to investment grade energy audits, engineering, implementation, retro-commissioning, and measurement and verification.

General Energy has conducted more than 700 energy studies covering over 50,000,000 million square feet area saving our customers energy and millions of dollars in associated costs. Our reports are comprehensive and contain many immediately actionable recommendations that can be implemented for rapid results.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Building Envelope
  • Lighting Systems
  • Central Boiler Plants
  • Central Chiller Plants
  • Heating Ventilating and Air conditioning Systems (HVAC)
  • Electrical Systems
  • Building Automation System
  • Industrial Process Energy Reduction
  • Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power)
  • Facility Infrastructure Improvements

We have Demand Management experts on our staff and can help implement peak demand reduction measures and take advantage of incentives available through many Demand Response programs and Critical Peak Pricing programs that are offered by the electrical utilities.

What we can do for you:

Develop a vision and operational plans to reduce energy usage

Establish short term and long term energy goals

Conduct comprehensive energy survey of your facilities

Identify all the energy savings opportunities

Present our findings in a precise manner, based upon factual data

Provide assistance in the selection and implementation of projects

Set-up, train, and facilitate energy cost reduction teams

Maximize your return on investment from energy savings

Planning & Practices

GEC’s approach in providing energy solutions for your facilities consists of the following steps

Plant Energy Data Review and Walk-thru

As a first step, we would request you to provide us plant energy and water use data for at least a year, information about major energy using equipment and systems, and plant operation. We will analyze the data provided by you and preform a walk-thru of the facility with your designated representative. If we determine a substantial savings potential in your plant, we will submit a proposal for a comprehensive assessment of your plant facility.

Plant-wide Energy Assessment

This step entails performing an in-depth energy savings study of all your energy using equipment and systems. We will develop energy profile of the plant, select energy savings projects, perform cost-benefit analysis for each, prepare report, and make recommendations. During this stage, we perform preliminary equipment and constructability review to ensure reliable budget cost estimates for implementation of various recommendations.

Prioritizing and Financing

We will assist you in prioritization the projects based on Return of Investment (ROI), impact on plant operations, and need of plant management. We will review with you all the financing options including performance based financing and arrange for financing the project, if required.


We will perform detailed engineering, prepare bid documents, and select suppliers and contractors for the projects. We will prepare a critical path schedule for project management to ensure timely completion of the projects within the allocated budget. We will train your personnel in the operation of the equipment and systems. We will submit a proposal for implementation on a fixed fee basis or turnkey implementation.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We will monitor pertinent variables through computer controls and modify software to optimize. We will setup alarms and reporting systems to monitor defective sensors and equipment. We will program equipment operating schedule and adjust as needed.

Energy Consulting

Having completed energy studies, design, engineering, and implementation of many energy conservation projects for private and public institutions, commercial and industrial facilities, General Energy Corp. (GEC), presents exceptional qualifications for instituting a comprehensive energy management program for your new construction and existing facilities.