SunPower® Helix® combines the best in solar technology, elegant design and an industry-leading, 25-year warranty to bring a new level of power, simplicity and reliability to commercial solar.

The SunPower Helix system includes all the components your business needs to generate clean energy onsite, yielding dramatic efficiencies for long-term reliability and impressive returns. From hardware and electronics to energy management and storage, Helix is a turnkey solution that simplifies commercial solar.

Higher performance

SunPower panels are consistently the highest powered in the industry, with a record-setting 22.7% efficiency.

Higher Reliability

SunPower panels have the industry’s lowest degradation rates, proven through 800,000 hours of field testing. A 25-year warranty ensures system reliability.

Greater Savings

More power per square foot means more savings in less space. Longer term reliability ensures performance over 25 years, or more.

SunPower Helix Roof

Engineered to deliver the most reliable energy production over the long term.

dual tilt sunpower

Dual Tilt

Maximizes energy generated in constrained spaces; ideal for customers prioritizing Net Present Value and maximum utility bill offset.

single tilt sunpower

Single Tilt

Optimizes energy output per panel in unconstrained spaces; ideal for customers prioritizing Internal Rate of Return.

SunPower Helix Carport

Enhance the value of commercial real estate and your sustainability metrics with an onsite solar carport or canopy system.

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SunPower Helix Storage

An integrated energy storage system (ESS) adds even more power and reliability to your system.

sunpower battery bank